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8 Proven Passive Income Streams for 2023

Do you want to make money in your sleep? Literally. Indeed, you can effortlessly do it. Here we explain how.

There is always a good time to learn how to make passive income. Your earnings have a significant influence on your life and level of comfort. If you’ve just realized that your salary is no longer satisfactory to meet your needs, or if you just intend to gain extra money, you have to develop a passive income strategy.

Passive income guarantees financial security in any case of an emergency with no need to work hard for it. Creating the right passive income strategy allows you to set up passive income flows that enable you more flexibility and freedom of choice. Some exciting passive income schemes and opportunities have emerged over the last ten years, making it easier even for young adults to make additional money. First, let’s define passive income and then outline some popular strategies you can follow in the sections below.

What Is Passive Income?

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Passive income is money that people usually receive regularly without actively working for it. In other words, passive income doesn’t require active work after a certain point. On the contrary, active income is money earned in exchange for carrying out a service.​ Everyone tends to generate a passive income so that they may retire wealthy and live a full life. There are a few types and stages of passive income. By creating various passive income sources, you can regularly get a significant amount of money from work that is already completed.

However, in the beginning, you either have to dedicate much of your time, effort, and creative thinking to set up your passive income streams or regularly invest a bit of your energy in maintaining the process.

Ready to start earning a passive income? Here is the list of the eight best passive income ideas that can significantly increase your revenue:

  1. Dropshipping
  2. Blogging
  3. Digital Guides
  4. E-Books
  5. Digital Downloads
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Real Estate Investing
  8. Investing in the Stock Market

A significant number of passive income ideas are linked to your laptop, so if you want the money that is not tied to the specific location, opt for the projects that can be done online. So, all you need is a computer and a proper internet connection.


Dropshipping means you manage an online retail store and use the services of a third-party supplier to fulfill the order. With dropshipping, you don’t need to deal with the product directly. The main difference between dropshipping and the standard retail store is that the seller doesn’t own inventory. Instead, the seller buys it as needed from a wholesaler or manufacturer to fulfill orders.

With the dropshipping model, you don’t need much contribution to launch the business since you don’t purchase the requested product until the sale takes place. With no necessity for stocking inventory, you have a great chance to start a profitable dropshipping business by investing little money. By the way, you don’t have to know how to code or create a website to get started. Platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Wix allow you to start your dropshipping business without specific skills.


Blogs are an exciting passive income opportunity for writers or leisure activities enthusiasts. A blog is an online information source where writers share their views on various topics.

Your blog becomes a passive income stream via display ads, affiliate marketing, or digital product sales. Earning passive income through display ads requires SEO skills (search engine optimization) to generate traffic to your website. Once your blog is sustainably getting traffic, different brands may reach out to offer collaboration.

To start blogging, you have to:

  1. Select the suitable niche for your blog
  2. Choose the most convenient blogging platform (Ex.: WordPress)
  3. Create a domain name (Ex.:
  4. Buy a web hosting account
  5. Style your blog, create content, and promote it via social media

Digital Guides

We all have excellent skills in something that someone is ready to pay for. You can turn your expertise on any subject into benefit through a digital guide or course.

A digital guide continues to sell itself without you having to do much work after the initial creation. However, it may require a lot of work upfront, but once an online guide is created and launched, it can provide you with a passive revenue stream for years.

You may already be sharing quality content on-demand and not even realizing it. It can be an Instagram post, YouTube channel, or blog sharing advice on a particular topic. Instead of sharing your knowledge for free, turn it into passive earnings by monetizing it.


Like a digital guide, an e-book is another outstanding opportunity to convert a particular skill into a yield in the form of royalties. The main distinction is the way this information is wrapped.

An e-book requires a laptop, tablet, or e-book reader to view long-form texts. E-books are not necessarily the length of huge novels, though they can be.

Keep in mind that the more time and effort you spend promoting your books, the more cash you’ll make online and offline.

Digital Downloads

Instead of making a complete e-book, try producing a single downloadable product. Downloadables usually exist on their own and bring value to your customers. Printable checklists, worksheets and spreadsheets, guides, and social media templates are all viable options for digital downloads.

In the beginning, you’d better do market research to define your potential customer base. The first point to start is to check your competitors. Google all related keywords and see the result. That will be your competitors. Study what they offer and how they promote their products and think of unique ways to present your product.

Affiliate Marketing

If you run a successful blog and get enough traffic, you can integrate ads into your website and get paid per click or view on the ads. This is a good form of passive income because you are simply involved in promoting someone else’s products and get a cut of sales.

The best ways to promote your affiliate links are via social media, emails, a YouTube channel, blog, or podcast. The most well-known affiliate marketing platforms are Amazon Associates & ShareASale. But there are some other platforms to choose from.

The key here is quality and content authenticity. If you offer bad-quality products, your will soon lose your audience. Make sure you promote high-quality products you are entirely confident in.

Passive Income Through Real Estate

Real estate investing is among the most expensive ways of getting passive income. It requires a substantial initial investment and additional expenses from time to time.

But before you plunge into the real estate business, take your time to decide on what type of real estate investor you’d like to become.

Depending on your finances and the amount of time you want to dedicate, you have multiple options for real estate investments to choose from. However, the most popular options are short-term rentals (like Airbnb) or long-term rentals, where you become a landlord.

Yield from the Stock Market

Becoming a stock market investor is perhaps the most obvious way to get passive income built from capital gains or dividends.

Once the value of your stocks grows, you may reinvest your dividends and see how your investments multiply through the system of compound interest.

Investing in stocks of a company means you become one of its “owners.” When the prices are down, it is the perfect time to purchase stocks. If you aggressively save money and seek good-value, dividend-paying stocks, you may be able to achieve a solid passive income before the traditional retirement age. Diversify your investments to diminish the risk of losing everything if a company fails.

How Many Sources of Passive Income to Have?

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Everything depends on your ambitions and financial goals.

Do you have growing career opportunities? Perhaps there will be enough one or two income streams, such as profit from affiliate marketing or royalties from your precious book.

If your current position is shaky, you may want to increase your income streams to ensure financial security in case of an emergency.

Taxes and Passive Income

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Remember that, like income from a full-time job, revenue gained from passive streams is taxable.

The amount of taxes differs, depending on various factors, such as the type of passive income source and how much money you get. Income earned from real estate is taxed differently from dividends earned on stocks.

Since this part may seem confusing, you’d better discuss it with a professional tax consultant to learn all the nuances about your particular situation. They can also provide more details on accounting and documents required by your legislation.


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All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Passive income sources can boost your investments, multiply your savings, or protect you from unexpected events.

The good news is that there are numerous options to generate your revenue, and there is no limit. A passive income can be very beneficial because you become a boss. However, this requires you to do your best to maximize your performance.

Take your time while exploring the ideas above. Some streams are more rewarding, but they can be high risk. If you are a newcomer or not confident enough in your decisions, you can reduce such risks by investing in passive income ideas that have been tested and proven to be successful. Don’t hesitate. Just start increasing your wealth.

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