Not Receiving Instagram Notifications

Have your Instagram app notifications stopped coming? Users sometimes miss their Instagram notifications with changes to device settings or app updates.

If your notifications on Instagram no longer work, try these fixes.

1. Enable push notifications on your phone

If push notifications are disabled for Instagram, you will not receive these alerts unless you grant the app the necessary permissions.

Remove the Instagram app from the background and restart it. Your phone is now most likely to receive notifications.

2. Check if you have stopped notifications on Instagram

If your phone’s push notifications are already turned on, it’s likely that alerts have been paused from the app itself. Users who do not want to delete their social media presence can use the pause notification feature to reduce screen time.

The steps are the same on Android devices as well. You can also pause specific notifications on Instagram and enable the most important ones. You can also activate Quiet Mode on Instagram for a temporary break.

3. Restart your phone

Restarting your phone fixes potential glitches by restarting all background processes. Reboot your phone at least once a week to give it a fresh start. Then connect to a stable Wi-Fi network. Once done, you should start receiving Instagram notifications on your device.

4. Clear the Instagram App Cache

A corrupted cache can cause problems with your Instagram app.

5. Check Your Internet Connection

Another possibility as to why you are not getting any Instagram notifications is bad internet. Your Wi-Fi connection may be faulty, which means that your app is not syncing new notifications. Check your Internet connection to make sure this is not the case.

Try refreshing the app or loading a video. If this doesn’t work, restart your Internet device. A restart usually solves the problem, but if it doesn’t, use our troubleshooting guide to fix your Internet.

If you continue to have Internet problems, contact your Internet service provider. If Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to be working on your phone then switch to cellular data.

6. Check background data usage and low data mode

Background data usage lets you manage how much battery and data your phone consumes. There may be a delay in receiving Instagram notifications due to low background data on your phone.

Since Android models come with slight variations in the interface, you may find similar settings differ. Once your data usage restriction is lifted, you should start receiving alerts on Instagram.

iPhone users have the option of Low Data Mode to conserve their cellular data. If you’re not getting Instagram notifications on your iOS device, make sure Low Data Mode is turned off.

7. Update Your Instagram App

An outdated app can also be a reason why your Instagram is acting up. Visit Play Store or App Store to check if an update is due. If a newer version is available, you will see an option to update.

An update doesn’t necessarily mean that the interface of your app has changed dramatically. Most of them just fix bugs or get rid of errors. There may be a bug preventing you from receiving Instagram notifications. Better to be updated.

8. Update Your Phone

A new mobile update comes with several features and improvements that you may need for the apps to function properly.

The best practice is to update your phone as soon as you receive an update alert. For example, older versions may fix a notification-based error after your phone is updated.

To update your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Download and install the update if it is pending.

Those with older phones should consider upgrading, as older phones are prone to security issues. Some warning signs indicate that it is time to upgrade your phone to a newer model.

9. Turn off Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb Mode

Airplane mode is a setting that blocks your phone’s ability to receive messages, make calls, and connect to the Internet. People often use this to save battery on their phone or to temporarily stop receiving text messages.

You may have put your phone on airplane mode and are no longer receiving any alerts. Please turn off Airplane mode from your phone for it to work properly.

10. Reinstall Instagram

If all else fails, you can uninstall and reinstall Instagram. It not only provides you the latest version but also eliminates any errors. Reinstalling the app automatically clears its cache, giving you a fresh start.

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